DJ Services

live & DJ music at Bat Mitzvah celebration
DJ Services

Sabra Entertainment offers live music, lights, sounds, DJs & dancers for any celebration, banquets, ballroom dances, weddings and Bar or Bat Mitzvahs.

The DJ music includes a nice selection of Hip Hop music, Rock, Rap, oldies and classic Rock, individually prepared for each party, played on CDs and I-pod.

Throughout the party, the DJ & the band compliment each other, playing live & recorded DJ music.

the live music includes American, Latin, Israeli and International music. The band would help with Israeli folk dancing instruction.

At Bar and Bat mitzvah celebrations the DJ and the band, will also get the Bar/Bat Mitzvah age group and the adults as well, to participate in dances, games and contests.

The band can also help with ideas and cordinations of the lightings, decorations, flowers, Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony, candle lighting, speeches etc.

Sabra Entertainment
Live music & DJs for weddings, Bar & Bat mitzvah

Los Angeles, California, USA
Yosi Saffi Levy (818)706 8765