Ballroom Music

When The Sabras play-everybody dance.
Ballroom Orchestra

Ballroom music is the soft side of the international guitarist/singer and band leader Yosi (Saffi)Levy.

Together with his orchestra "The Sabras" he brings to life many beautiful and romantic melodies from Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Paul Enka, Engelbert Humperdink, Julio Iglesiass and others, and combines it with the memories.

The Sabras Orchestra plays a diverse selection of ballroom music such as big band, pop, Rock, Latin and salsa as well as tango, waltz and music from around the world.

Yosi calls ballroom music: Dance and Romance.

The Sabras band - ballroom music
Los Angeles, CA 818-706-8765

Short video of The Sabras Band singing "Sway" (In order to watch the video, turn off the music player at the bottom)

Group dancing led by Yosi Levy.

Fly Me to The Moon
The Falling Leaves
One Note Samba
All Of Me
New York New York
The Girl From Ipanema
Make me sway
A day in a life
Love Story
Spanish Eyes
The God Father
Diana - Paul Anka
La Compersita - Tango
Larra - Dr Zivago
Anniversary Waltz
Cha Cha
Brazilian Samba
Pasadoble - Latin
And many more to be added
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